Principal’s Message

“Why not take time to browse our website, read about our wide range of courses, excellent facilities and resources and hear from some of our students about their College experience.

CTMC has expanded its scope of operations offering a wide range of education and training services. Whether you are considering studying for a career, to go to university, to build on existing skills and knowledge or simply want to try something new, we are here to help you achieve your ambitions and to help you achieve in the widest sense.

CTMC is committed to the delivery of quality services and programs to its customers and partners. It employs qualified, experienced and committed staff to provide effective and efficient learning and guidance to students.

The College adopts the following codes of practice:

  • Staff shall follow the rules and regulations of the relevant authorities strictly.
  • Staff and appointed associates shall not resort to unethical practices and shall act in the best interest of the students and be always truthful, accurate and fair when providing information on services relating to Coleman College and its partners.
  • Staff of the College adheres to a strict code of confidentiality with regards to the personal information of its students.

We welcome you to visit us and inquire about us and our programs and experience for yourself our commitment to service quality, effectiveness in the delivery of our services and care for our students.”

College of Tourism & Multimedia Computing